Age range

This training is aimed at young emerging leaders in their 20’s and 30’s.

(Exceptions to this range will be considered)

English communication

You must have a conversational level of English as all the teaching and excersises with other KWAMers will be done in this language.

Commitment to gatherings

Each cohort has 4 gatherings every 6 months aproximatetly. Each gathering has a different theme and is connected to the others.

Teachable heart

We will focus on core elements of our christian journey. You must be open to learn new ways that may be different from what you’re used to.

Engaged in local ministry

You must be engaged and actively connected to your local church so you can put into action in your local enviroment everything you learn.

Leading/discipling others

It is important that you have already been helping others grow in Jesus as most of the tools you will receive will be focused on leadership.


We’re looking for emerging leaders, in their 20s and 30s (exceptions to this age range will be considered), who are faithfully engaged in local ministry and are directly responsible for discipling others/leading others in ministry (exceptions will be considered with pastoral recommendation and imminent entrance into such responsibility/leadership). Participants must have a conversational level of English. Each group consists of approximately 20 people.

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Have you spoken to your pastors and leaders about your participation on KWAM, and are they in agreement?
Are you directly responsible for discipling/leading others in ministry?
I consent to having pictures/videos taken of me and used for KWAM purposes and promotion. (Please check the appropriate box)